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Happy 2nd Birthday Stella | Milwaukee Family Photographer

Eight months ago our lives changed forever… we were rescued by a little Boston named, Stella.  She came into our house, made it a home, and in the blink of an eye we gained a brand new best friend!  Moving to a new state, both starting new jobs and beginning our life together as husband and wife were all amazing changes… but adopting Stella from the Wisconsin Boston Terrier Rescue has definitely been the most fun!

Today we celebrated her 2nd birthday with doggy cookies and an awesome rendition of Happy Birthday To You –  Can’t wait to see what this next year brings us… One thing is for certain… we will have endless laughs and memories made with this little goofball!

Happy Birthday Stella, We Love You!

Meet Stella | Milwaukee Family Photographer

One night on the couch while surfing the web… we came across Miss Stella.  A 16 month old Boston Terrier being fostered by a volunteer with the Wisconsin Boston Terrier Rescue just a little drive North of here.  Chris and I looked at each other and smiled… we’d been thinking about getting a dog and hadn’t really expected to find a young Boston for adoption in our area… so this was an opportunity we couldn’t resist!

We met Stella on a Saturday and by Sunday afternoon she was our brand new furry roommate!

Never having been pet owners together, as a couple… we had no idea what we were doing – and we had no clue what the other person was feeling about the new addition to our home.  So, slowly, Stella taught us to be better communicators, better friends and better together, just because she’s in our life…  Some people say a dog is a good segue into parenthood – others disagree and feel dogs aren’t worth the time and energy you put into them… I don’t know about any of that… But I do know one thing… that having this dog is good for us – she’s exactly what we needed.

She’s sweet, she’s intuitive, she’s smart, she’s feisty, and she’s all ours!

Stay tuned for many more updates on little Stella and her adventures in Qualizza-Land!

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