Location and Time of Day

Choosing a Location

  • Lighting – the most important aspect of any session is available light.  Choose a location that has ample amounts of natural indirect sunlight.  Big open shaded spaces, sunset and sunrise provide the best warm light.
  • Backdrops – select a location that has different textures, colors or natural elements such as water, trees, buildings, fences, and grasses, walking paths, barns or doorways.  Contrasting colors and backgrounds are perfect for adding drama and movement to any image.
  • Seasonal – pick your session location according to the season… the changing leaves of the Midwest are perfect elements to include in a fall session.  Beaches, sandy areas and lakes are great for summer time just like covered bridges, fences, barns and tree covered walkways are excellent choices for a fresh winter snowfall.
  • Meaningful – remember your first date, the location of your engagement, or the park you picnic at every single spring… a special place that brings back memories and has meaning for you and your family makes picking a perfect location a breeze.

Selecting a Time

Schedule your photo session according to the following guidelines…

  • Daily Schedule – Naptimes, feeding times and snack times should be kept whenever possible, schedule accordingly and avoid those times of day.
  • Sunlight – Indirect sunlight is best.  My favorite outdoor sessions are during the “golden hour” just before sunset when the sun produces a gorgeous golden cast over the landscape, late afternoon or evening sessions can produce the best images!  If sunset is not a good time for your family, early morning sessions are also great for capturing diffused light falling through the trees and shade is also abundant.

Contact me today so I can help you select the perfect time and location for your next session!


Sessions offered in the greater Madison area including Lodi, Waunakee, Deforest, Stoughton, McFarland, Oregon, Verona, Fitchburg, and Middleton