Wardrobe Ideas

Styling an entire family for your next photo session can be overwhelming… So, I have some ideas for you categorized by season to provide inspiration for your family’s next shoot!  These are just suggestions – please feel free to email or call with any questions or concerns prior to your session.  If you want to photograph your own outfits and email/text them to me for critique, I’d be more than happy to provide feedback!

My favorite tip is to “plan around one piece”… Choose a colorful clothing piece or outfit for one of you and pick out individual colors from that piece to plan the other outfits.  Keep it simple and avoid choosing patterns for everyone in the photo, we want the focus to be you not your clothing

Things to Add: beautiful layers, ruffles/lace/feminine details, boots/bowties/belts/masculine details, accessories, scarves, statement necklaces, fun hats… add some fun to your photo and tie outfits together with details!

Things to Avoid: neon or super bright colors that can throw color casts onto skin that will show up in images and is hard to work out in Photoshop!  So, what does work?  muted colors, earth tones, primary colors and pastel colors work best!  Stay away from anything with logos, graphics, characters and labels – we want to see you, not the GAP or NIKE logo on your shirt and they can be distracting from the professional feel of the portraits.  Avoid sneakers unless they are fun Converse or some other fashion sneaker – try and dress up your feet or go barefoot to really add a natural feel to your images.

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